Barbara Funke - Online-Publizistik und -PR

My professional experience includes Project Management, IT, Corporate Training and - of course - Teaching German as a Foreign Language. Well, I've been in the business for quite a while.

I studied English and German literature and linguistics, the teaching of German as a foreign language, educational science and history at the University of Munich. I graduated with a Master's degree. I studied and worked in Great Britain for a total of two years.

I can also program and create websites. Should you want me to sum it all up, I'd say that I specialize in communication.

Barbara Funke - Online-Publizistik und -PR

Actually, teaching German as a Foreign Language is what I like best. I am fascinated by the different ways of thinking determined by language and the following actions.

I hate classrooms of any kind and don't like to steal other people's free time. Therefore, my courses integrate German into your everyday life, whether private or professional.